Considering Terminating Parental Rights? Why You Need a Lawyer

Termination of your parental rights is a significant event that should not be taken lightly. Because parental rights are protected by the United States Constitution, the law requires specific findings from the court in order for a termination to be effective. If you are considering terminating your parental rights, then contact attorney Hope Fruchtman from Fruchtman Law Firm to discuss your options.

What happens when you terminate parental rights?
When a person terminates their parental rights, then they forfeit all rights, duties and privileges to their child. This includes the right to the custody, care and control of the child. By terminating parental rights, you no give up the right to have visitation with the child.

There are also potential financial effects of termination of your parental rights. The right to receive or obligation to pay child support will terminate. If you receive benefits as a result of your parental relationship to the child, then you may lose those benefits. Further, you will lose the right to claim the child on taxes.

Before terminating parental rights, it is important to understand what you are giving up and the specific consequences that may result from termination. A Scottsdale AZ family lawyer can discuss with you these matters to help you make an informed decision.

Why do you need a lawyer to terminate your rights?
A Scottsdale AZ family lawyer will help you understand your options, so there will not be any unexpected results from termination. Because termination of parental rights requires compliance with certain legal procedures, a lawyer will also help ensure that the termination is done correctly, so you do not run into issues in the future.

Attorney Hope Fruchtman and the team at Fruchtman Law Firm are available to answer your questions about terminating your rights. We can represent you in the process to give you greater peace of mind.