Complex Property Dispute? Why You Need a Lawyer

dividing the properties for divorceWhen you file for divorce, you assume that the property that you and your spouse accrued together will be divided evenly between you. You never anticipate that your spouse will object to this division or try to claim property as his or her own and not yours.

When you encounter a property dispute during your divorce, you need to hire one of the family lawyers in Scottsdale from the Fruchtman Law Firm to represent you. Attorney Hope Fruchtman can argue in your favor and work to get you the outcome with the property that you are rightfully entitled to under your state’s laws.

Proving Ownership

Your attorney can work to prove who rightfully owns the property and to whom it should be distributed during the divorce. She can trace its purchase to the date that it was acquired and show that the property in question was jointly accrued and owned.

However, if you brought an asset like a house or car into the marriage, you may want to keep ownership of it and not have it divided with your spouse. Your attorney can prove that you purchased and owned it prior to being married, therefore entitling you to keep sole possession of it.

Your attorney can also be vital in helping you gain access to marital assets like your joint bank account or the house, particularly if the divorce will leave you in financial hardship. She can argue for why you should be able to keep the asset so that you can avoid going into total destitution after the divorce.

A property dispute between spouses is always contentious and emotional. You can get the objective and professional help that you need to make your case by hiring one of the family lawyers in Scottsdale today. Contact the Fruchtman Law Firm to set up a consultation with Attorney Hope Fruchtman today.