Common Holiday Visitation Issues

holiday visitation

It is a common thing for child holiday visitation schedules to come between the holidays and vacation plans for each parent. This can sometimes bring issues and between parents as far as child visitation rights are concerned. 

Although every state has its child visitation rules and guidelines for holidays, parents can still rotate holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving and Labor Day. A child can stay with the father or Father’s Day and the Mother on Mother’s Day. 

Despite having the holiday visitation schedule in place, issues are bound to arise. As such, it is important to have a good visitation attorney in Scottsdale AZ who can guide you when such issues come up. 

Here are common holiday visitation issues: 

What will happen to the holiday schedule in case custody is changed? 

This is something that can happen to any divorced parents who share custody rights. The best thing the two parents can do is to come up with another schedule that is convenient for both of them. 

But if the two can’t agree, the only option will be to involve the courts. You will definitely need to hire a child custody attorney in Scottsdale AZ to present a strong case. 

If a parent wants to take a child on holiday during the other parents holiday 

You and your ex-spouse can agree on this without involving the court. Talk to the other parent and agree to switch weekends so that you can take your child on vacation. 

What if the parent’s holidays fall on the same days? 

It is true that some holidays may fall on the same days especially if both parents are of the same religion. If both of you can’t agree to change the schedule, then there is no choice but to consult with a Scottsdale AZ child custody attorney. 

In case you have any issues with your holiday visitation schedule, contact Fruchtman Law Firm for legal assistance.