Collaborative Divorce

ex couple signing divorce paper

Going through a divorce procedure can be devastating for both parties involved, especially if there is a great amount of animosity between the two.  Many couples seeking a divorce are not aware of, nor do they understand, the options available for them.  Getting a peaceful divorce can be obtained with a Collaborative Divorce, which is a way of amicably ending a marriage without going to court, and while being provided legal and professional advice.  Each party retains their own attorney who has training in the collaborative divorce process.  The Fruchtman Law Firm has Scottsdale divorce lawyers who specialize in Collaborative Divorce.  Throughout the process, the Scottsdale divorce lawyer will be there to navigate the settlement.

A divorce advocate Scottsdale with Fruchtman Law Firm will educate and guide you through the process, and per an agreement, neither attorney can take the case to court.  Each of the divorce participants must agree to provide an honest exchange of information, and no mudslinging that could poison litigation is tolerated.  A Collaborative Divorce is based on the full team approach, which includes a financial specialist to help with financial decisions, a mental health professional to help with the emotional aspects, and a child specialist to help with the understanding of what is best for the minor child if there are any from this union.  In a traditional divorce, the child’s perspectives are not adequately considered.

The Scottsdale divorce attorneys with Fruchtman Law Firm are professionally trained to handle Collaborative Divorces.  Their integrated services will support the divorcing parties, and help them find an equitable resolution without resorting to litigation.  Instead of having the full team of professionals involved, some couples may choose to have only certain professionals being interactive during the divorce process.  An impending divorce may be less complicated and less stressful if a Collaborative Divorce with divorce advocate Scottsdale will result in the best interest of all parties involved.