Can I Be Denied Parenting Time if my ex does not Pay Child Support?

Parenting time

Parenting Time affected by child support.

If you asked a Scottsdale family law attorney to define for you what parenting time means, he/ she would explain to the effect that it refers to the time a parent can be with his/ her child. During this time, only the designated parent can be with the child as the other parent waits for his/ her turn.

If one parent denies the other parenting time for some reason or another, the parent denied parenting time has the right to seek legal assistance from the court for parenting time. At this point, getting legal assistance from an experienced Scottsdale divorce attorney can prove to be very timely. To address the issue of lost parenting time, a court can order that the parent denied parenting time be compensated with more time with the child/ children.

Basically, you are entitled to parenting time, whether your ex pays for child support or not. The law provides for parenting time access of a child by both parents, making it illegal to deny any of the parents the right to parenting time. When a custody order is issued, it prioritizes the child’s interests for consistent and stable access to both mother and father, hence the reason why it grants unlimited parenting time to both parents.

Why the Law Supports Parenting Time as well as Child Support

The law recognizes that children need quality parenting time, which gives them the irreplaceable bonding opportunity with their parents. Not only that, children deserve to feel and enjoy parental love and tap from the wealth of guidance that only parents can offer. According to the law, parenting time cannot be exchanged for for child support.

It is important to consider parenting support and child support as disjoint court orders. Each of the two orders have to be treated with seriousness it deserves. Each of them attract separate repercussions when they are ignored or disregarded.

If you have any parenting time issue, a Scottsdale divorce lawyer can guide you through the legal process pertaining the same so as to ensure children receive the care and attention they deserve.