The Best Ways to Keep Your Divorce Quick and Easy

Oct 18

Divorces are rarely easy to deal with. The emotional turmoil that results from coming to the realize that divorce is unavoidable can cause considerable mental anguish, and there may be periods of melancholy and hopelessness. Unfortunately, many divorces are further complicated by legal issues and ongoing arguments about splitting assets and dealing with the child custody issues. There are, however, a few ways to help ease the process.

After living together and sharing assets, couples who are divorcing must split their money and possessions in an equitable manner. To accomplish this, it may be best to hire a Scottsdale divorce attorney and enter mediation sessions. Through mediation, both parties can strive for a compromise that is fair for both parties. While mediation is no guarantee that the courtroom can be avoided entirely, it gives those getting a divorce the best chance possible to move on quickly without too much frustration.

It can also help to adopt the right mindset. Emotions are impossible to eliminate entirely from divorce proceedings, but it may be possible to view the phases of a divorce as business issues instead of a personal issues. While private facts may come to light, it is important to remember that the goal is to reach a fair division of assets. By realizing that divorce proceedings will eventually end and both parties will have a chance to move on, one may be able to realize when a fair settlement has been reached.

Professional help can ease the process as well. While many think of hiring a lawyer or law firm as a sign that they wish to fight, it can also indicate that they simply wish for assistance along the way. For some, there may be factors that complicate matters; those who served in the military, for example, often have pensions or benefits that can make divorce proceedings more complicated. Hiring an Arizona military divorce attorney can help work through these complicated aspects of the legal proceedings.

While the road will be difficult at times, divorces lead to fresh starts and a chance to rebound, live independently and find love again.

How to Keep Children Out of a Divorce

Oct 08

A divorce can be a challenging time for a couple. While divorces can be difficult for both adults in a relationship, they can be even more difficult for children. In many cases, children may feel that they are to blame for their parent’s divorce. In addition, a spouse going through a divorce may try to get his or her children to choose a side. The following blog post explores effective ways one can make sure that children aren’t impacted by a divorce.

It important to avoid arguing in front of one’s children. In addition, it’s essential to make sure that children can’t overhear an argument. While a child may not understand why his or her parents are getting a divorce, he or she will be able to pick up on the negative emotional vibes that are traveling through a house.

Instead, it’s a good idea to drop a child off at a babysitter before discussing a divorce. If this isn’t possible, try to discuss a divorce while a child is at school. This can be an effective way to reduce the emotional damage a child may experience.

One of the most challenging parts of a divorce is child custody. In many cases, courts will award custody of a child to the mother by default. In many cases, this can create a strong sense of bitterness and anger in a man.

If possible, children should be able to spend time with both their parents. By giving children the opportunity to spend time with both their parents, it’s possible to ensure that they will be happier as they grow up. In many cases, children will miss the parent that they aren’t able to see on a regular basis. To avoid this type of situation, it’s a good idea to look for an effective compromise.

An Arizona military divorce can be a challenging time for many couples and their children. Contact a Scottsdale divorce attorney for further assistance.

Preparing for the Worst: Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Your Time of Need

Sep 27

There is no telling which direction a divorce case will take. Even the friendliest of spouses can find that they have severe disagreements once the divorce process begins. Divorce can truly bring out the worst in a person’s character. Often, disputes will arise over the division or property and child custody rights. If you have discussed the possibility of a divorce with your spouse, then you should hire a Scottsdale divorce attorney to help you with your case. A Scottsdale divorce attorney will take the time necessary to carefully negotiate a property agreement for your case. He or she will take the time to understand what your needs are. When you want to make sure that your best interest is represented in a divorce proceeding, then hiring a lawyer for your case is the right choice.

At the Law Office of Hope E. Fruchtman, you can find a lawyer who will provide high-quality representation for your case. You can schedule a meeting with a lawyer at the Law Office of Hope E. Fruchtman and voice all of your concerns and needs. Perhaps you have a significant amount of debt that has accumulated during the course of your marriage. Maybe you feel like you should not be responsible for paying off this debt. A divorce lawyer may know how to argue the law to your advantage in this instance. Maybe you do not need to be legally responsible for paying off the debt. One of the best reasons to hire a divorce lawyer is for his or her expertise in handling the payment of debts that have been accrued during a marriage. You may also have trust assets that you are worried the previous spouse will try to obtain. A divorce lawyer will know how to help you make sure that your assets are protected during a divorce case.

If you served in the military, then you will want to hire an Arizona military divorce lawyer. An Arizona military divorce lawyer will understand all of the rights that are you entitled to as a result of your service for the country.

Make The Process Smooth

Sep 24

Despite the best of intentions on all sides, there are times when a marriage is irretrievably broken. One or both parties may decide that divorce is the only option. At every stage of the process of separation and divorce, a Scottsdale divorce attorney can advise you on all legal aspects of your situation, and on the implications as you move forward with your life during and after divorce. Even in the most amicable divorce situations, custody, property and financial matters can be complicated. An Arizona military divorce requires specialized expertise and representation. If this is your situation, you should seek a Scottsdale divorce attorney experienced in this particular area of law.

In Arizona, you will not need to prove fault or blame the other party to obtain a divorce. The law recognizes that circumstances may arise in which divorce is unfortunate but still the best solution in the situation. Because of this, if financial and custody arrangements can be negotiated between the parties, the stress and expense of a trial may often be avoided. Marital assets and property are to be evenly divided according to the law. A Scottsdale divorce attorney can help with negotiating an agreement to avoid a trial or with providing vigorous advocacy if a trial becomes necessary. Issues such as spousal maintenance, parenting time, interstate custody, child support, property division and valuation and division of investments and retirement plans have lifelong ramifications. Expert consultants or witnesses may be required to arrive at the most advantageous valuation and division of assets to best serve your interests in the years ahead. Whether you are seeking a civilian divorce or an Arizona military divorce, an experienced divorce attorney  in Scottsdale will be a strong advocate for you and your interests in this difficult time, and an investment which can save you both money and heartache in the long term.

Getting a Divorce in Arizona

Aug 30

In some states, it is very difficult for couples to get divorced. However, the grounds for receiving a divorce are simple to meet in the state of Arizona. All that a couple has to do is prove that the union is irretrievably broken. This means that both parties agree that the marriage is over and unable to be fixed. The marriage may be considered unable to be fixed if there is a long physical separation, constant bickering, a conflict of personality, antagonistic feelings, resentment, financial difficulties or other serious issues that the couple cannot or does not want to work out together.

A divorce that is the result of it being irretrievably broken does not place blame on either party. In fact, the Arizona court system will not place blame on either party with regard to the dissolution of a marriage. It is simple in Arizona. All property and debt obtained and incurred during the marriage is split equally in the event of a divorce.

The divorce process can be quick and easy in Arizona if both parties agree to do what it takes to avoid a trial. A couple seeking a divorce in Arizona can complete the Dissolution of Marriage Process by submitting a Consent Decree or a written agreement that waives the right to a trial or judgment from a judge.

If the couple is not able to agree on the conditions of the divorce, it will be necessary to contact a Scottsdale divorce attorney. It is also recommended to contact a lawyer in the event of an Arizona military divorce, as these can be tricky.

Can using facebook negatively effect my divorce or custody case?

Jun 05

It is amazing how often social media plays a role in family law matters.  Most recently there has been a surge of use of evidence from social media sites in divorce and custody matters.  Obviously the best way to protect oneself from social media affecting a family law case is not to post at all or refuse to be caught in the hype of social media.  But in today’s reality that is unrealistic.

If you feel the need to use any type of social media, use caution as to what is posted.  It is always a good idea to minimize or eliminate any posts  about legal matters, an ex-spouse or even minor children.  If you must post on these topics, ensure that your privacy settings are secure before such discussion about divorce or custody matters.  A public profile can result in disaster especially when a party does not know when to keep quiet about legal matters.

However, even when someone believes their profile is secure, his/her belief may be misplaced.   Knowing who your friends and contacts are is of the utmost importance.  I have come across a number of cases where “Facebook friends” permit an opposing party access to a Facebook page allowing them to gather evidence to assist in their case.  The best way to prevent this is by making sure your “friends” are just that, and if you are unsure, limit individuals access to your account.

Parties should also be cautious about the access that you provide minor children to your account.  A child will often provide the other parent access to a Facebook account, or be exposed to inappropriate information on a Facebook page which can further affect custody orders.

Whatever you do, don’t get caught in a trap by using social media.  Make sure you don’t bolster the case of your ex-spouse by providing ammunition through Facebook or Twitter.

Contact our Scottsdale family law attorney at The Law Office of Hope E. Fruchtman to schedule a consultation.