Arizona Parenting Plans

parenting plan

A parenting plan lists how divorced parents share the responsibilities and rights for reading their children. In addition, this document explains who is responsible for the legal-decision making for the child, a parenting schedule, and sets guidelines for communication and dispute resolution. When setting up a parenting plan in Arizona, reach out to your Scottsdale family law attorney with any questions or assistance establishing the plan. 

Who Should Consider a Parenting Plan after Divorce

Parenting plans are required in Arizona for all cases dealing with scheduling parenting time and determining who makes legal decisions for a child. Those going through a divorce or legal separation should not only consider establishing a parenting plan but should contact a Scottsdale Child Custody Attorney to discuss options regarding their parental responsibility after a divorce. 

How to Make Parenting Plans

When establishing a parenting plan in Arizona, you must make sure everything state law requires is included. Ideally, both parents would agree on the parenting plan and submit it as part of their divorce agreement with the courts. However, parents do not always agree on a parenting plan and must submit their proposed plan to the judge. Working with a Scottsdale parenting plan attorney helps ensure everything Arizona law requires is included.

Can Changes be Made

Most parenting plans account for any changes in family structure, future needs, and any other expected changes. If changes need to be made to the parenting plan, a new proposed plan must be submitted to the judge for approval. 

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