Arizona Grandparents Rights

grandparents rights

Fruchtman Law Firm Weighs In On Arizona Grandparents Rights

Should grandparents have the right to visit their grandchildren?  Is there anything in the law to prevent this?  Discover what Arizona has to say about this issue and why it might be beneficial for other states to follow suit.  Comments in this blog were provided by the Fruchtman Law Firm, the leading source for grandparents rights in Arizona.

What Does the US Supreme Court Say?

Back in the year 2000, they ruled that a parent MAY control the amount of times a grandparent can visit and sometimes the length of that visit.  It was further stated that grandparents do NOT have a legal right to see them at all. 

What Are Grandparent Rights in Arizona?

According to the experts at Fruchtman Law Firm, Arizona takes the opposite view.  This state has a provision that permits grandparents to see the grandkids even if the parent has objections.  There are conditions, however.  They must provide evidence to the court that doing this is in the best interest of the children. 

Further Information on Grandparents Visitation Rights Arizona

In Arizona, if a court judge finds that it is in the best interest of the children to be visited by their grandparents, he or she can order reasonable visitation privileges.  It must be note that there is not usually any set schedule for these visits.  It also should be pointed out that the judge should have seen all pertinent evidence and taken it into consideration. 

How Can Fruchtman Law Firm Help?

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