Arizona Child Support Case Do’s and Don’ts

child support caseGoing through child custody and child support in Scottsdale AZ can be complicated and emotional. It’s important to handle the situation with the delicacy it deserves. Unfortunately, people can get caught up in the emotions. Here are some Arizona child support cases do’s and don’ts advice from Attorney Hope Fruchtman.


1. Do work with your ex
Despite your past, your ex is going to be involved in your child’s life. You need to work with them to the best of your ability, whether you like it or not.

2. Do think of the child first
The end result should not benefit you. It should benefit the child. Look past your pride and personal finances and look to find a solution that will help the child.

3. Do talk to a lawyer
Child support problems require proper representation. Talk to Attorney Hope Fruchtman to see how she and her associates can help you.


1. Don’t get overly emotional
When it comes to children, you may have a lot of feelings. However, it’s important to look emotionally stable. Despite how difficult it may be, contain your emotions.

2. Don’t participate in illegal activities
Fruchtman Law Firm reminds you that you don’t want to go your ex any advantage. If you get in trouble for partaking in illegal activities, it will only hinder you in your goal to help your children.

3. Don’t be disrespectful
Sometimes, it can seem that the judicial system is unfair. Despite what happens, you need to maintain a level of respect for the court to help you on your journey.

Fruchtman Law Firm in Scottsdale AZ can help you with all of your domestic litigation. With the right representation, you can find a solution that will help the child, you, and your ex.