Adopting Your Stepchildren: The Process

adopting stepchildrenIn today’s world, many families consist of stepparents and stepchildren. In many cases, the stepparents become those adults who the stepchildren eventually come to think of as their true parents. As a result, adopting stepchildren is becoming a viable option within many families. But before doing so, many things must be considered. Along with making sure the children are in favor of this move, there are various legal steps that must also be taken to ensure the process goes smoothly. If you are considering adopting your stepchildren, here is how Scottsdale AZ adoption lawyers at the Fruchtman Law Firm can help.

Getting Permission from Child’s Natural Parents
If the child’s natural parents are alive, you are required to get them to sign a consent or waiver of their parental rights. Since this can be a difficult task sometimes due to the natural parent’s reluctance to relinquish their legal rights, work closely with attorney Hope Fruchtman on this matter.

Hire an Experienced Attorney
While it may not necessarily be required you have an attorney to adopt stepchildren, it makes the process go much quicker and decreases chances mistakes will be made. If you try to do this on your own, it is almost inevitable you will make a mistake that may negate the adoption. Therefore, always hire the services of Scottsdale AZ adoption lawyers who have experience handling these situations.

File a Petition to Adopt
Once this is filed with the court by the Fruchtman Law Firm, this will get many steps in motion. Along with the petition containing background information about you and your spouse, it will also start the process of having you complete and submit a criminal background check, a requirement prior to most adoptions.

If you and your family are ready to adopt your stepchildren, do not hesitate to contact attorney Hope Fruchtman to schedule a consultation.