New Marriage with Children Involved?

new marriageA new marriage is a major experience. When children are involved, it can be even more of an adventure. Not only have you made a commitment to your new spouse, but to their child as well. Suddenly, you have an opportunity to share in all the joy and growing pains of parenthood. As exciting as this phase of life can be, there are also challenges involved with raising a non-biological child. The key is to educate yourself on any potential obstacles as soon as possible. Here are a few examples of these obstacles and how to be prepared.

Medical Needs
It is important for children to see a doctor regularly in order to monitor growth and development. This can be difficult for a new spouse. In order to include the child on your work insurance, you must show that you are legally responsible for them. You could also face this problem in the event of an emergency. Without the proper authority, hospitals will not allow you to make certain medical decisions. Consider speaking with a Scottsdale AZ. Family attorney about your options.

Biological Parents
If your new spouse has a child from a previous relationship, you must consider the other biological parent. The level of their involvement can be a blessing or a significant roadblock. The other parent may not support your presence in the child’s life. This objection could even lead to custody disputes. Generally, these arrangements will have been previously addressed by the courts or an Arizona divorce lawyer. However, you should prepare for a petition to review if the other parent is unhappy.

Despite any struggles you may face in a new marriage, this is not an impossible situation. You and your new blended family can have a wonderful life together. There will be birthday parties, holidays, vacations, and so much more to share. When the time comes that you need a lawyer, legal experts, like those at the law office of Attorney Hope E. Frutchman, can guide you through the process. They will also represent your best interests. The ultimate goal is to encourage a safe and happy home for everyone in your family.