7 FAQs about Divorce Cases and Proceedings

divorce caseArizona is one of those states where the divorce rate is higher than average. On the other hand, the marriage rate is higher than average also, which can help explain the larger amount of divorces.

If you are considering getting an Arizona divorce lawyer, here are the answers to some common FAQs.

I am unhappy with my spouse’s income. They should be making a lot more but they aren’t. Will I have a problem getting the court to recognize the real value of their income?

Do you have an Arizona divorce lawyer? We ask because when it comes to financial matters in court, lawyers excel at being able to show what the actual salary should be. If you have concerns about getting the court to recognize your spouse’s true potential, a Scottsdale divorce attorney or a Phoenix divorce lawyer can be a good next step.

I would like to get custody, but I don’t make as much as my spouse.

Most family lawyers in Arizona will be able to help clarify your situation and ask for alimony and child support that will allow you to raise your children.

If I don’t have enough money to pay for a good lawyer, will it hurt my chances?

Actually, a great lawyer will end up saving you money. But if your family has limited funds to begin with, you should look for a Phoenix divorce attorney that will be willing to work with you on setting a fixed price from the start for your divorce.

I don’t want a divorce that takes a long time, can a lawyer help?

Yes. The actual divorce can be adjudicated and done quite quickly. The details of any child custody or financial arrangements can take longer and depend upon your negotiations with your ex-spouse. A good Scottsdale lawyer can help!

I don’t want my divorce details to get back to me at work or in my new neighborhood. Can a lawyer help me keep things quiet?

Most divorces are a matter of public record. Your lawyer can ask the court to seal the record. They can also help to assert your privacy rights during negotiations. Of course anything you communicate to your lawyer will remain confidential.

My spouse is in the military and they get military lawyers that can be mean to former spouses. Does that concern you?

You may be going through an Arizona military divorce, but the divorce court is civilian. There is no way that a civilian divorce lawyer will be concerned about having problems with opposing counsel, even if they are a military counterpart.

If I live in Scottsdale and my spouse has moved to Tucson and we split visitation with the children, where should I get a lawyer for my child support questions?

You can get a divorce lawyer Scottsdale or in Tucson depending upon the details of the case. We would recommend contacting a Scottsdale divorce lawyer first because they are closer and having them assess your case.