5 Tips for Successful 50/50 Custody

50/50 custody

Seeking child custody is a highly emotional legal issue even when the parents are on the best of terms. This is the primary reason that it can be beneficial to hire Scottsdale child custody attorneys to speak on your behalf. Additionally, the following tips will improve your chances of getting 50/50 shared custody. 

Respect Your Former Spouse 

While the breakup of your marriage was probably a very emotional conflict, this is the time to set all of that aside. A family court judge will be more willing to consider your custody request if you can show that you’re willing to interact civilly with your ex-spouse. 

Stay Involved in Your Child’s Life 

Especially if you don’t have physical custody of your child, make an effort to stay involved in their life. Ask your child or ex-spouse about your child’s school performance, extra-curricular activities, and health condition. If you get visitation rights pending the outcome of the custody hearing, be sure to arrive on time for each visitation. 

Collect Evidence of Parenting Time 

When you have visitations with your child, keep a personal record of the time you spend with your child. Additionally, hang onto movie ticket stubs and other evidence of your activities. This can help your Scottsdale family law attorneys represent you if your ex-spouse attempts to deceive the court about your participation. 

Keep Up With Support 

If you’re required to pay child support, be sure you keep up with those payments. You should also make sure your payments are made through the court as this will create documentation that verifies your payment history. The judge will look favorably on you if you can show you’re meeting your financial obligations as a parent. 

Maintain a Close Residence 

If you’re forced to move for work or familial obligations, your child custody attorneys in Scottsdale AZ can advise you on how to proceed. Otherwise, you should make sure you live within 20 miles of your ex-spouse. This makes it easier to exchange physical custody without disrupting your child’s life. 

If you do want to pursue child custody or divorce, contact Fruchtman Law Firm to schedule a consultation. Meeting with an attorney can help you avoid making mistakes that could adversely affect your case. You’ll also learn what you can do to ensure the judge sees that a favorable custody arrangement is in the best interests of your children.