Ten Tips to Getting Through a Custody Battle

Ten Tips to Getting Through a Custody Battle

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Divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. The transition from full-time family life to shared custody can be hard to get used to, and custody battles can be exhausting. Our Scottsdale family law attorney team strives to make this challenging process easier. The following tips can help make the process easier for everyone involved.


1- Obey the current custody order. If you feel the current order is wrong, follow it anyway until you can convince your ex or the judge to modify it.


2- Do not gossip about your ex or your ex’s family, especially around the children. Unlike you, your kids are still related to them and your negative gossip can harm your kids’ future relationship with you and with their extended family.


3- Facilitate shared custody. Allow your ex to have his/her time with the children. It is important that each parent have their fair share of uninterrupted parenting time.


4- Respect boundaries. Do not attempt to control the activities that go on while your children are with your ex. If your children are safe, it is not your decision what they do while they are with their other parent.


5- Obtain permission before traveling. Vacations and trips, even if only for a day, likely require written consent from the other parent and/or the court. If you travel without permission, you could negatively impact your custody rights going forward.


6- Encourage your child’s relationship with their other parent. Studies show that children need both parents in their life, when possible and safe, in order to more fully succeed in life.


7- Encourage relationships with extended family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the other side of the family are just as important as the ones from your family. Allow your child to have a relationship with and spend time with other members of your ex’s family.


8- Don’t confide in your kids about the divorce. Keep your children out of the legal problems and frustrations. Divorce is emotionally and physically draining for a child: Don’t add to their stress by involving them in the “adult” matters.


9- Put your children first. Most parents want to maximize their time and influence with their kids, but shared custody or a 50/50 split arrangement is not always feasible. Keep the needs of your children at the forefront of your thoughts as you negotiate custody and decide what is really best for your kids.


10- Pay your ordered child support. Withholding child support doesn’t hurt the other parent as much as it hurts your child. By failing to write that check, not only are you breaking the law, but you may also be depriving your child of his or her basic needs.