3 Tips to Help Your Children Through Divorce

divorceWhen you have decided to divorce your spouse, you are doing more than just ending your marriage. You also are disrupting and changing the structure and function of your family. You can help your children cope with divorce by using these tips and retain the Fruchtman Law Firm to assist you during your case.

Establish Fair VisitationĀ 

Children are entitled to access to both parents. As long as your spouse is considered stable and safe, he or she has the right to visit with and spend time with the children. Having your family lawyer in Scottsdale AZ petition the court for fair visitation schedules for the children can help them cope with their parents’ divorce and make them feel more secure about still having contact with both their mom and dad.

Establish Child SupportĀ 

The Fruchtman Law Firm can also help you pursue a child support order that is fair to both parents. Children of a divorced couple are entitled to support from both parents. Your family lawyer in Scottsdale AZ can ask the judge to issue a child support order that is affordable and realistic when it comes to supporting your children.

Keep Your Children Out of the Divorce NegotiationsĀ 

Finally, you can help your children cope with your divorce by keeping them out of the legal case if possible. They are entitled to enjoy childhood without the burden of having to side with one parent over another. They also do not want to be brought into the middle of heated discussions or arguments during which you or your spouse might accuse or call each other names. It is best to allow your lawyer to handle any conflicts that arise during the case and entrust him or her to be your ally rather than you bringing your children into matters that they are not mature enough to handle.

These three tips can help your children through your divorce. Retain a good family lawyer in Scottsdale AZ to assist you during the proceedings. Contact our office today to determine your available options.