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A dependency is a court action that is filed where there is an allegation that neither biological parent of a minor child is able or willing to provide proper care for the minor child(ren). We are able to provide you with the advice, counsel and representation you need.

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Once this type of action is filed, Child Protective Services will be notified and will become involved in an investigation of the care of the minor child to determine if there is a basis for the Petition based on neglect, abuse, or other reason. Child Protective Services will also determine if the party with physical care of the minor child, or the person filing the Petition (if privately filed) is fit and proper to care for the minor child(ren). If Child Protective Services determines that the parents and the filer of the court action are not appropriate caregivers for the child(ren), they may place the child(ren) in foster care.


Importance of Parenting Time

There are numerous studies that outline the importance of a child receiving access to both parents. Removing one parent from children when they provide a healthy, loving relationship can prove detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the child. However, in the event of divorce, parents often attempt to obtain full custody of their child, for […]

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