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Child custody is the determination of which parent makes major decisions on behalf of a minor child(ren). A custody determination usually stems from the filing of a Paternity and Custody Matter, Divorce or Legal Separation. If you are the custodial parent, you should seek legal advice before dramatically changing your life.

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Arizona has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act which requires that in order for a state to have jurisdiction of a custody matter, the children should have resided in the state for six (6) months or more. There are generally two types of custody, sole legal custody or joint legal custody. When a parent is awarded sole legal custody, he or she will have the sole ability to make all decisions regarding the child(ren). Most sole custodians additionally have primary custody regarding where the child resides. Even with a sole custody order, there is an expectation that the sole custodian will notify the non-custodial parent when important issues arise in regard to the child.

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